The little story of a wine enthusiast

About Me

My name is Pierre-Louis Fardo. I’m 22. I live in Meudon near Paris. I’m studying at the European business school in Paris. I want to be an import / export director for a vineyard because it’s something I like. I love discovering new things every day so I would say that I’m curious. My passions are cooking, ice hockey and travelling.

My Experiences

Since i am a teenager, I used to working during summer. I worked in a restaurant twice, as a cook.It taught me how to work in a team. Furthermore, I managed a wine cave in my city. It was by far the most rewarding experience. Thanks to this job, I've learn how to be organized in order to respect my responsabilities. I discovered a new passion which is wine.

My Hobbies

During my youth, me and my twin brother played Ice Hockey for 9 years. It was my first passion in my life. I played in the national and international league with my team. I am used to traveling a lot since I am young. Every year, I work to earn money in order to do a big travel to discover new cultures, new food and take pictures. I already discover 40 countries in my life.

My Goal

In a short term, I will try to find an internship of two years in a french vineyard. I want to manage the import and export of wine around the world. I am speaking three languages, French, English and Spanish, that's why I want to work in an international context.

My Digital Expedition

I spent one month to San Francisco in order to learn more about Digital World in Silicon Valley. I've learned many things about starts ups. I know how to build my own website, design it. They taught how to use many tools such as Google Analitics, SEO, keywords and Google Addwords. I also know more about creating a start up and developing it. I went to a pitch event, there was entreprenors who taught us a lot about the right way to create a start up. I also had the chance to visit a part of Silicon Valley, we discovered the campuses of Apple and Google and we walked across Stanford University.

My Computer Skills

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